It's really about you...

Unique Natural Birthing was born with my first child but didn't really get out to the world until Summer  of 2017.  I was working at a company earning well, actually, I got promoted the same week I discovered I was pregnant and was not sharing that information yet.  

Would love to share more details if you are interested when we meet, however, what is really important is that I felt an excitement I never felt before, a cocktail of being surprised, happy and scared at the same time. Everyone who already had kids had advice and stories to share and most I loved others scared me more than I really needed. My body changed, my emotions experienced new feeling and at times I felt mad, mad at not feeling my self or at simply not being able to reach my mobile when it felt on the floor of my car. I remember thinking, " … is this normal?"  that was a common question in my mind as I discovered new things about me. Is that something my doctors would answer in the way that I felt understood? not really. " its normal" is sometimes not good enough.


At some point I knew my baby had to come out. Obviously I knew the passage but I had no idea about the journey. Would it last few hours? Many hours? How would it really feel compared to the movies or the stories and even what I could imagine. Wait! the reality is I didn't even wanted to picture it! 

And one day I discovered " A Doula" and I experienced giving birth three times and helping other moms by being there as they catch their baby for the first time and now work is my passion. My work is understanding the unimaginable. 

I know its not about the day of the birth alone, is about now, about how you feel now and I also know that the magic is on how you prepare for tomorrow when you get to take a baby home. My work is being here for you. 

A doula is one of the most precious gift I got for myself and I am proud and happy to make myself available to you.

Can't wait to meet you!

USA +1 786 461 4591 UAE +971 52 900 5932

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