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My name is Annie.  I am a Birth Doula and a Life Therapist. When we are pregnant, we often don't get all the answers from doctors, every day we may experience a new sensation and all we get as an explanation is "...enjoy your pregnancy!". If you really want to learn more, I would love to have a deeper conversation. 

Not every woman has the same experience, babies well development do have one basic need: YOU! Your wellbeing equals their security and we like to equip you with tools for success. If you are looking to give birth as Natural as Possible Check our FREE Introduction to Hypnobirthing Class! 


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Every Pregnancy and Birth is Unique. We promote and strive supporting Unmedicated Birth remembering it is your story we are holding space for. And how you remember it is what matters the most. However, the real work which is often not seen a need is about connecting to yourself and to your couple, maturing as family to understand each other better during pregnancy in preparation to when you bring home your baby. Enabling you to be your highest and best version is our main drive because that version of you is what your child will model. Often babies are happy news, and a game changer. 


Friends say how good they excel at things or how horrible parts of the experience may be, yet they tend to hide the reality. Reality is difficult to phase and hence to transmit. There is still beauty in everything, and when you are prepared you can see it better. 


We want to share our knowledge and see you building a long term strong, healthy family, stable and happy family unit for your baby to excel in is the objective. If that's your goal, then contact us using the button below. Would love to talk to you!


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