5 ways to prepare for labor and delivery

Some of us can now process that we are pregnant, however, may not have thought yet about how to deliver the baby. It does need to come out one way or the other and we are usually clear about knowing the natural door, however, modern technology introduced options for which we changed the natural course from a range of options starting with an full elective operation, moving down to birthing with pain management medication and finding a smaller percentage who opt for a drug free birthing however all cases are a potential experience. For some this brings great debate. My invitation is for you to take control of your choices by making a truly informed decision when planning and understanding that birth can take unexpected turns for wish considering plan B is also advisable.


Regardless of where you sit on the spectrum of birth management, I want to make you aware that your initial birthing plan is a potential experience. Birthing experiences can take unexpected turns, hence, we need to regard the birthing plan as an intention and be flexible to work with the tools available to us to deliver safely for mom and baby.


I invite you to recognize two elements:


1. the blessing of modern technology for a mom who may experience a medical condition which would otherwise prevent her from successfully delivering a baby 


2. To embrace the right to have control over your birthing plan or intention unless you are enabled by a valid medical condition.


Contrary to popular belief, Doulas are not meant to advocate for the mom-to-be, it is meant to help and provide company to the mom to help her empower herself and that take control of her birthing approach. The plan may be an elective cesarean, a medicated vaginal birth or an un-medicated  vaginal birth, interview more than one doula and try to select the one to whom you can built a connection with and will of course be in favor of helping you strive in your terms.


Setting the intention for this article to be  a call upon moms to be to take control of their decision making. Fully understand each option and make an inform decision of your choice.


5 ways to prepare for labor and delivery


1. Learn about the cesarean process and how/if it differentiate from a standard operation

2. Learn about the medication options available for labor pain management and how they can impart you, the delivery and the baby in any way

3. Learn what are the Un-medicated pain management techniques available to you and how they can be used effectively

4. Keep an open mindset, birth is unexpected and the priority your be your safety and the safety of your baby regardless of the plan intended

5. Fight for the right to control your birthing plan or intention by making an informed decision based on your will, your own opportunity and not one to the convenience of a third party


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