At Unique Natural Birthing we believe you are special, we all are and if there is an area of your life that you want to improve we are happy to help.


We work with men and women. Over half of our clients are ladies that are adventurous, they like to travel and somehow know their is a power of mind over body that can be harness to explore their potential. 


Some are expecting their first baby and want a Doula, they often find there is so much information out there what want to know what is really real. Others are just not  there yet, or is not what they have in mind at all but the techniques used by Annie just work marvelous to figure out where they want to be, what is it that they want to do that will just make them happier. 

Annie Ortiz is a Clinical Hypnotherapist educated at first in Global Politics and International relations who has developed her own approach to strategic self-development coaching.


As an Eclectic person Annie expanded her knowledge taking multiple certifications such as: Metaphor Therapy, Theta Healing, Lifestyle coaching and is challenged the most when working with corporate clients. Or perhaps they are best at getting challenged to strive...

Annie at Unique Natural Birthing proud of her youngest addition...

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